Beantown Organizer

Erica Voigt  


Beantown Organizer works on projects large and small.
Our rates range from $80-100 an hour, depending on the package you choose, the services you’re interested in, and the depth of the project. Give us a call or simply click here to send us an email for your Complimentary Phone Consult. We can help you assess what your needs are and answer any questions you may have.

"Declaration of Independence" Package

Are you a “do-it-yourself” kind of person, but don’t know where to get started and could benefit from some instruction?
Or maybe you’re not totally a “DIY” person, but you’re on a budget and need to do most of the work yourself? Let Beantown Organizer develop a customized plan for you to implement complete with organizing solutions and detailed instructions on how to put it all in to place! Plus, we can check in by phone to make sure you stay on track!

Referral Perks

If you love us, then spread the word! For each referral you send our way that becomes a client with the purchase of a package, you get $50 off the purchase of your next package!